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                 Invented and coined the terms and concepts Vision Strategy & Vision Statement to convey the idea that if NY Gold Tours, Inc helps organizations meet real-time harsh realities with top-notch ideals and principles guided into a requisite of 'real fitness' we can make the world a better place in our lifetimes!

​It starts from within.

Founder Loretta Jones, developed a love of visuals growing up on Staten Island's Grymes Hill(shown here from across the harbor at the Manhattan side, all NYC. Statue of Liberty on right. Verrazzano Bridge connecting Brooklyn to S.I., on left, not shown), the arguably highest land elevation along the eastern seaboard(shown here in the distance).  Views atop the hill enjoyed the Manhattan skyline from a favorite spot at impromptu finishing-line on a track field tract on which she made jogging use of the Wagner College campus that invited community. Along that north-east facing side of Grymes Hill Brooklyn and the Verrazzano Narrows Bridge connecting it to Staten Island, could be seen. From her family's back windows, Staten Island, New Jersey and the Poconos could be seen along with a little arc of lights that despite the toddler-time gazing that thought it a friendly ferris-wheeled distance, announced later to Loretta as the Bayonne Bridge bearing a degree of skepticism in Loretta of her mother's seeming if uncharacteristic 'bearer of bad news' clarion call. On an uppermost elevation along the hilltop was a tennis court no longer there on a St. John's University parking lot her neighborhood made playspace. From there, almost all sides of the views were available in a 360 degree panorama. Loretta went on to create a career in visual merchandising after leaving an early executive career with Bloomingdale's for a job in store management with a sporting goods company named Herman's that didn't work out. After another setback by a management position with a housewares chain, Loretta figured she should try relying what was once her favorite part of her work, all her life actually. As a young mother, single and soon to turn 30, she said to herself, "sacrificing for my son may not feel like sacrificing since it's such a joy to be his mom, but I should realize it is, and give myself the enjoyment of really really liking my work if it's also a sacrifice of the very thing I'm sacrifing against--being away from my son. If a job's going to require child-care / babysitting costs, I'd better truly like it. Then, I'm making up for what my life might be lacking and I'm meeting so many responsibilities." Gaining visuals skills and testing out vision concepts in some of the world's best retail stores, Loretta committed to developing good visuals concentrated into 'communicational' cause and affect, designed to achieve a particular focus-inspiring positivity. Now, as NY Gold Tours CEO and former NYC licensed tour guide, she uses this know-how to bring Smart Visuals and LSO LFOs to the world - for corporate, academia and the individual. Innovating visuals expertise into V i s i o n  STRATEGY. Available as SIGHTCERCISES, MICRO exercises, and an assortment leading 50+ focus topics of land... life... fitness series of talks, walks, workshops, exercises, field trips, hybrid shops and shopping pods bringing forward the unstudied, untapped yet measurable applied practice of her proprietary Vision Strategy for optimizing human potential in critical assessment of today's world.

"No great discovery was ever made in science except by one who lifted his nose above the grindstone of details and ventured on a more comprehensive vision."  Albert Einstein   

Untapped Human Resource to Benefit Industry, Organization, Team and Self 

SEE better to enrich your workplace and life.  Form a V i s i o n  STRATEGY for optimum focus, performance, restore of corporate and individual mind, body, spirit--and our proprietary land, stance, ownership.  Build Smart Visuals into a best vision for yourself or company.  Tie your locale to its unique past, present and future through exclusive tours and custom packages. See our Vision Strategy MENU food items in your 'World Fitness' challenge series leading critical thinking, healthy choices and pleasant world stance in strongest determination to make a positive, deliberate planetary footprint.

Mind, Body, Spirit is like 'the view' for our  proprietary 'Vision Strategy'-- Land, Stance, Ownership LFOs. Life Fitness Obligations.  A '21st Century Responsibility' requirement.

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