V i s i o n  STRATEGY

Nothing in life is easy but cooperation, patience and due diligence yet promise. Please find here public copy of court case brought seeking stop of a Remote Weaponry Invasion RWI egregion against our companies and owner for your review on interest. Inviting brief description of your own experience or suspicion of violation/vulnerability by vague and new real threats to our systems and necessary reliance on sound parameters in which to maintain and keep building critical trusts in today's evolving climate. Short statements according to imparticular comfort level with public disclose are to addend supporting evidence pages as 'public state mention'.  You may submit your request to make mention or to specifically address Congress in any of 9 potential hearings(list of requesting issue areas will be provided here) thru our contact form or directly to the court clerk's office:

                                                    Supreme Court of the United States 

                                                    Office of the Clerk             

                                                    One First Street, NE

                                                    Washington, DC  20543

under reference to"S h o r e Up SURE" call for Supreme Court review with President ask of Congressional hearings to faithfully welcome testimony, word, question and jurisprudence on the important relevancies of today's societal if structural, industry/organizational interests and concerns both personal and professional, public and private; once initiating papers are confirmed. Any participation contributed can be considered non-binding free expression right of reporting and resolve toward balance of public scrutiny resolve with individuals' and private interest's considerations. Sure benefit of contemporaneous law definitions plus reinforcements encourage positive optimism into the future. Your own legal recourse always remaining intact to pursue separate and wholly independent remedy through the any courts, if need be.  

court case dated October 9, 2022 S h o r e Up SURE


letter dated May 22, 2023 Defendants/Respondents in Default