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Vision Strategy LFO L-S-O & M-B-S Extend
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If you wish to purchase additional Smart Visuals in the same Quality category the levels achieved will be same but deeper of initial--Concept Introduction, Character Internalization, Mastery

Accomplished SVAmbitious SV     Assertive SV       At Play SV            Avant-Garde SV Aware SV               Balanced SV

Boisterous SV     Cared for SV       Careful SV           Cautious SV        Cold SV                Competitive SV          Cool SV

Creative SV         Curious  SV          Daring SV            Decided SV         Dedicated SV      Director SV               Depth of Character SV

Director SV         Engineering SV  Flamboyant SV  Fit SV                    Fun SV                 Getting Fit SV          Giving SV                           

Glamorous SV    Gregarious SV    Harsh SV              Honest SV           Humorous SV     Idealistic SV               In-Charge SV     

Independent SV Individualistic SVIndulged SV        Inner Peace SV  Innovative SV     Insightful SV              Joyful SV

Kind SV                Leader SV            Light SV               Loved SV             Measured SV      Open-Minded SV       Owner SV

Perfect SV           Positive SV          Promiscuous SV Prudent SV         Quiet SV              Realistic SV                 Reserved SV

Resting  SV          Satiated SV         Satisfied SV         Seeking SV          Self-Confident SVSelf-Starter SV      Sensitive SV       

Serene SV           Sexy SV                Sharing  SV          Sophisticated SV Studious SV      Supportive SV           Team-Oriented SV

Tough SV             Upwardly Mobile SV                         Virtuous SV          Warm SV            Well SV                       Working SV

Youthful SV

V i s i o n  STRATEGY

.99 cents

 e  a  c  h

Smart Visuals in this series are created from a combination of NY Gold Tours photography, art and design as well as the use of stock photos from photographer's Morguefile.

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NY GoldTours
Smart Visuals 
Categories List/Areas of Focus

"Social conscious working on what you see from where you stand, creating a better vision collective."

CA 01  Energy Renewal Joy Peace
CA 02  Environment Integrity Benevolence Learning
CA 03  Sympathy Endearment Conscience Understanding
CA 04  Empathy Creativity Community History
CA 05 Elevation Escape Tradition Horizon
CA 06  Laughter Humor Serenity Thought
CA 07 Levity Wonder Alertness Reflection
CA 08  Meditation Connection Timelessness Harmony
CA 09  Wealth Harvest Investment Season
CA 10  Leisure Vacation Fitness Championship
CA 11  Rhythm Rhyme Maturity Youth
CA 12  Awe Fun Refinement Class
CA 13  Nationality Loyalty Sharing Pride
CA 14  Love Romance Optimism Trust
CA 15 Care Faith Determination Ownership
CA 16  Consumerism Trade Enterprise Courage
CA 17  Celebration Honor Art Justice
CA 18  Reciprocity Balance Duality Gratitude
CA 19  Relativity Strength Growth Nourishment
CA 20  Luxury Celestial Metropolis Future
CA 21  Earth Geology Nature Paradise
CA 22  Country Farm Space Exploration Innovation
CA 23  Micro Macro Ocean Origins
CA 24  Color Gems Industry Labor
CA 25  World Wonders Academia Fashion Sport
CA 26  Service Holiday Commitment Team
CA 27  Surreal Fairy Tale Region Shoes
CA 28  Appliances Technology Fishing Responsibility
CA 29  People Animals Neuroscience Fibonaci
CA 30  New York Hudson City Harbor BONUS FOCUS-Freedom


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