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90-Minute Walking Tours

Location:  290 E 3rd St 

New York, NY  10009


  • See art in the world around you and see  the world always anew!  Learn fun history too! Consider the voices of untold stories...
  • Practice creative thinking vision strategies
  • Learn fun facts from NYC licensed guide
  • Be up close and personal with city beauty
  • Discover what's exciting about a locale
  • Green Oriented.  Discover green spaces and living environments
  • Explore the great outdoors right in NYC

NY Gold Tours

Phone: +1(917)439-2292

Tours are under development for late Spring 2020! Especially virtual tours...

                                                                              Check back soon...


​Quick Lift for Mind, Body, Spirit and                                                                Company

  • Taking Chances2:24

V i s i o n  STRATEGY


(will post  May 2020.  Some available by auction)