90-Minute Walking Tours under development for late Spring 2024 are being reconstructed and will only be available in our NEW corporate and academia series at this time.

                                                                              Thank you.


NY Gold Tours

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90-Minute Walking Tours


  • Taking Chances2:24


V i s i o n  STRATEGY


  • See art in the world around you and see  the world always anew!  Learn fun history too! Consider the voices of untold stories...
  • Practice creative thinking vision strategies
  • Learn fun facts from NYC licensed guide
  • Be up close and personal with city truths
  • Discover what's exciting about a locale
  • Green Oriented.  Discover green spaces and living environments
  • Explore the great outdoors right in NYC

Mind, Body, Spirit is like 'the view' for our  proprietary 'Vision Strategy'-- Land, Stance, Ownership LFOs. Life Fitness Obligations.  A '21st Century Responsibility' requirement.

(will post  May 2020.  Some available by auction)  


Location:  290 E 3rd St 

New York, NY  10009