V i s i o n  STRATEGY

* $1,200.00

Rough Sketch Design with lists. Materials, labor, shipping costs you pay when/if you shop them around.


​Design to Fruition with added costs. You pay materials, mfr'g labor, shipping, direct to those providers when sourced by NY Gold Tours.

Exclusive... Confidential... Original... Innovative

-Industry DESIGN

Cross-Industry Design



Mind, Body, Spirit is like 'the view' for our  proprietary 'Vision Strategy'
     -- Land, Stance, Ownership LFOs. Life Fitness Obligations.  A '21st Century Responsibility' requirement.

Lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Describe your design wishes and we'll create an ultimate, one-of-a-kind idea for you into a rough-sketch digital drawing to either develop on your own or commission us to make it happen for you.

General materials & timeframe list included with price range estimate for completion if you shop the design we provide you around.