V i s i o n  STRATEGY

* $1,200.00

Rough Sketch Design with lists. Materials, labor, shipping costs you pay when/if you shop them around.


​Design to Fruition with added costs. You pay materials, mfr'g labor, shipping, direct to those providers when sourced by NY Gold Tours.

Lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Describe your design wishes and we'll create an ultimate, one-of-a-kind idea for you into a rough-sketch digital drawing to either develop on your own or commission us to make it happen for you.

General materials & timeframe list included with price range estimate for completion if you shop the design we provide you around.


-Industry DESIGN

Cross-Industry Design




Mind, Body, Spirit is like 'the view' for our  proprietary 'Vision Strategy'
     -- Land, Stance, Ownership LFOs. Life Fitness Obligations.  A '21st Century Responsibility' requirement.

Exclusive... Confidential... Original... Innovative