for Betterment Strengthening  "Improve your big-picture view..."

Outreach Rediment  Company-community Vision Exercise  1000 Word ‘Test’ Standard Visioning

Best Foot Forward Beauty of your brand  Where lands your brand?

NY Local, Loyal and Loving  Company stance in New York  You stand amongst giants, families, start-ups and legends

Sunrise  Natural   Elegance, strength and timeless tempo  NY lands and landings as springboard

Sunset  Natural   Classic charm of our NY  harbor  “Get perspective!”
INTENSIVES TOURS                                                                                                 
for Strategy Building  "Hone your vision..." 

Visual Cleanse  Clear the slate day tour for vision strategy renewal!  Good for community outreach reflection

Fashion Forward  Bettering your brand scape/scope  See better where your brand potentials develop

Honed Home Be based and stay sharp!  Excellence excels!  New York, New York.

NYC Green  Where’s the market?  Wall St. to your own green thumb, see where greening’s greenest

Greater (NY, CT and NJ) Metro Green  Where’s the market?  (same description as above)[discontinued at this time]

Relics’ Realities  Mourning merge NY  Explore why some didn’t make it here and recognize ‘things of the past’ to look forward more squarely


for A Stronger Base  "Visuals that welcome..."

NEW!  Hospitality Hosts  See. Learn. Share.  Discover what's unique about your hotel's neighborhood that employees will want to share with guests to delight them every time.  Schedule a Custom 'Walk for Workers'* Employee Tour consultation or Exclusive Business Postcards consultation below

The Hood  Microcosm to Manhattan  Really ‘get’ your own corporate neighborhood and its larger NYC community

Greater Metro Community  Tri-State Overview  See NY, CT and NJ in a neighborly light

Market Specific Neighborhood  From microcosm market to widest reach  Local-web-span

Upstate Via Hudson Neighborly Tour  Hudson Connections  Loop up the Hudson to journey on to Albany

Day tours and 90-minute*Walks for Workersemployee tours are customized to highlight what's exciting about your corporate address, neighborhood and larger locale past, present and future.

We have a core commitment to the health of our employees, year-round, as well as a standard of practice that aims to ensure health and safety of any of our tour participants and all co-inhabitants of our green earth... Each tour booking acceptance will adhere to high standards of our own, advisories in effect and dictates of any current climate.

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  Learn Vision Strategy Methods and Socially Relevant Truths--        

           Get Smart Visuals skills and unknown stories  that widen corporate responsibility and #21stCenturyAcceptance

           to deliver your company to a new social-media standing when you share your corporate-address story/vision. 

           All Custom Corporate Tours provide an electronic media kit for archiving, sharing or training

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